Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thing 5

I hope this picture posts correctly because right now it looks like a long stream of random letters and symbols. On to the topic at hand- flickr. I've known about its existance for awhile now because my husband uses it, but I just thought it was for sharing pictures with your friends. The picture I chose is of the San Jacinto Monument. It is by a man named Jason Tinder and is entitled, "God Bless Texas." My students are currently learning about the Texas Revolution and will be introduced to the Battle of San Jacinto on Monday. I will definitely keep this site in mind for classroom use from now on.


  1. Ok, the code is gone and there is a picture in its place. When I was on another computer, the pictures just showed up in the box when I put it there. Does anyone know why just the code would show up this time? Does it matter what computer I'm using?

  2. you may have switched from the Compose TAB to the Edit HTML tab on your posting box (where you write your post)...without realizing it?
    should not matter what computer

  3. That's exactly what happened. I didn't even know I did that or notice anything was different. Thanks!