Monday, January 25, 2010

Thing 2

The 71/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners seem to be habits for a highly successful life, period! There are many instances that came to mind from my everyday life as I read this. For example, it would have been a good idea to "begin with the end in mind" while picking out decorations for my guest room!

Speaking of beginning with the end in mind, this is the hardest habit for me to put into action. I often run full-speed into things without fully grasping where it will take me. I always look a few steps ahead, but am often surprised if it gets derailed. I get excited about technology, learning languages, and starting new projects. Half the time I end up with incomplete blankets or a few words learned in French because I later realize I never really needed it or it has no practical application in my life. I guess I get carried away by the experience!

The easiest habit, by far, is Play! I am always looking for new and exciting ways to present information to my students because I feel that if I'm bored by it, who knows what they're thinking! My husband and I take time to relax every day with a game, our favorites being Rock Band, Scrabble, and "who can tire out the dog first?" The habit of play is especially important so we (teachers, grad students, any other hats we wear) don't burn out. If you find yourself shutting your eyes or wanting to bang your head against the wall, make it a game! Can you finish in 10 minutes? 50 points if you can! Treat yourself to something when you hit 500!

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  1. there are going to be plenty of opportunities for experiences and plenty of support from all to make sure you don't go astray!