Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thing 3

I never thought I would have this much fun setting up and maintaining a blog! I used MySpace in college, but lost interest after I graduated because I didn't have the time anymore. When I sat in front of the computer last night I thought I would spend 30 mins, maybe an hour. Well, 2 1/2 hours and one annoyed husband waiting for me so we can watch House later, I had a page and an avatar!

In case you're wondering, the word "cylon" in my name is a nod towards my love of sci-fi. I also love vampire books (special mention goes to the Sookie Stackhouse and Twilight series), fantasy, and superheroes.

I'm really looking forward to exploring the remaining 20 things and following everyone's blogs!


  1. Yes... that pesky little thing called a clock can really interfer with online fun...keep one close by...otherwise time (for other important responsibilities and needs) flies right out the window!

  2. It's so easy for me to spend hours at the computer too. I am also a fan of vampire and sci-fi genres (I could talk about the Twilight series for hours)!

    Btw, I love your blog title - very catchy and creative!

  3. Thanks for the post and "follow" on my blog!

    I haven't been using my reader very long (I would say maybe a little over a year) and it was a bit weird to get used to at first. But now it's like I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. Once I started finding blogs that I actually enjoyed reading (because there are many out there that are just not interesting) I was hooked. I read blogs about all kinds of stuff (home decor, fashion, news, DIY) and I'd be happy to recommend some if you're interested. :-)

    Good luck with the next couple of steps and see ya tomorrow night!

  4. Let's hear it for the Sookie Stackhouse novels! Woo Hoo!! :-)

  5. look into creating a blog roll of your favs

  6. I'm a House watcher, too! Love it... recently read a book by the Technical Advisor of House. The cases were so interesting.

    Also, have you read The Host? Meyer's book with a sci-fi look. It's really good!